Olympic Station


Height: 120 inches, Base: 84 x 76 inches


Lifts that can be accomplished using the Olympic Station:

  • Clean and jerk
  • Cleans
  • Split-jerk
  • Front-squat
  • Hang-cleans
  • Snatch
  • Overhead-squat
  • Hang-pulls
  • Hang-snatch
  • Jump-shrug
  • High-pulls
  • Pressure-under
  • Hang-jump-shrug
  • Push-press
  • Quick-drops

Research has shown that the olympic lifts are highly effective when training for speed and explosiveness.

However, because of the dangerous nature of these lifts, young atheletes, weekend warriors and certainly the general population would rarely, if ever, attempt them.

Now with the Cormax Olympic Station and its patented Saftey Cyclinder, these lifts are not only safe but are the major part of our athletic development and weight-loss programs.

When olympic lifts are performed on Cormax Ballistic Training Equipment, the intensity and plyometric effects are greatly enhanced.

Never before has a single piece of equipment offered so many ways to train all energy systems.